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Greenhouse Scholars' vision is to create a community of leaders who will evolve the communities of the world. We work with the next generation of leaders and change agents, and together change the trajectory of their families, their communities, and broader global communities.

We are not a typical scholarship. Our unique, Whole Person approach provides personal, academic, and professional support, in addition to financial support, during all 4 years of college. 

IMPACT We evolve Scholar capabilities with strategic thought process techniques, tools, and a community of support to elevate each Scholar's impact. Additionally, we mobilize Scholars to motivate and connect with younger generations of students from their own communities, individually and in Scholar groups. 
FINANCIAL SUPPORT We provide two, separate methods. Scholars may apply for a four-year, renewable scholarship award of up to $5,000 per year based on individual financial circumstances and college expenses. Scholars may also apply for additional, flexible funding in amounts up to $2,000 to support a wide range of projects and experiences related to the vision and values of Greenhouse Scholars
SUMMER SYMPOSIUM We host an annual, world-class, multi-day gathering to bring together all Scholars. Workshops, speakers, panel discussions, and group projects allow Scholars to explore our core values and expand their leadership skills. 
SKILLS MODULES We share the broad range of our community's expertise with Scholars through targeted, modular online and in-person content that develops leadership/life skills and professional skills. 
INTERNSHIP We coach Scholars through the process of finding and making the most of their internships, while also arranding in-person learning opportunties at various organizations. 
PEER SUPPORT Scholars celebrate and support one another, gathering in small groups across the country on a specific day annually. 
PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING Successful leaders from a variety of industries engage with Scholars, broadening their informal mentorship networks. These connections motivate Scholars to think strategically about their direction and impact and provide essential insights into the professional world. 
MENTORSHIP Our mentors are community leaders who guide, encourage, and inspire Scholars to achieve more than they could on their own. Scholars are matched with their mentor before beginning college and maintain the relationship throughout college and beyond. 

For eligibility requirements and application process timing, please go to the Become A Scholar section of our website.